I returned to art after many years in business and it is now a passion. 
For me art is a never-ending journey of exploration and discovery.  I have developed a love of collage/mixed media and this is reflected in my work of Guernsey, Kent, Cornwall, London, France and Italy. My by-line is ‘affordable, original art’.

Living in Kent, I am surrounded by beautiful countryside and the sea and find inspiration from my love of nature, whether it be flora or fauna and of course, sea and landscapes.  I work in all mediums – collage/mixed media, water colours, acrylics, inks, and pastels.  My favourite medium is whatever I am working in at that moment as they all have their own individual challenges and I am never ever bored painting in so many exciting mediums.  I like to think I look at things slightly differently particularly in my collage/mixed media works as they are completely unique and no one would be able to copy them exactly.  I work mainly with papers squirreled from all manner of sources – bus tickets, flyers, ripped out magazine pages, even tooth picks and colour catchers – you name it, I will at some time find a use for them! I paint mainly landscapes and seascapes – part accuracy part imagination. I am inspired by whatever captures my eye at the time – whether it is the power of the sea, the light on a sweet pea or the amazing sunsets out of my window.

My style is certainly not photographic and someone described it as ‘quirky’ and I am more than happy with that.  ‘A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.’
Paul Cezanne

Mixed media paintings and animal pastel portrait commissions undertaken.
Individual water colour lessons and mixed media workshops offered.


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All paintings are sold as unique one-off pieces of art and are all individually signed by the artist. All prices include free UK delivery.

Animal Portrait Commissions Undertaken.

Private watercolour lessons for 'complete beginners' - please contact me on 07788 204940 or nikkigriffith4@gmail.com.

Visits to the studio by appointment.


Nikki is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the artwork or its presentation. Get in touch via the email address below:

E: nikkigriffith4@gmail.com

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